Whitelion works with young people who are at risk and disconnected from the community due to abuse, neglect, drug addiction and poverty. These young people have often had horrific life experiences with few positive role models and little family support. If the ‘cycle of discouragement’ is not broken, some young people become habitual offenders in our community and spend the majority of their young lives behind bars.

Whitelion opens doors to opportunities, relationships and community for these young people. It gives them the chance to ‘break the cycle’ through role modeling, mentoring, employment, indigenous programs, outreach services and prevention programs run in rural and metropolitan schools in disadvantaged communities.

Having had a childhood very similar to the youth that Whitelion support this is something I am very passionate about and I am actively involved with Whitelion. I feel it is important to give back and pass on the skills I have learnt and developed over the years so these kids can see there is hope and opportunity for them. If I can break the cycle, anyone can!

We are always looking for community support and for more people to get involved. If you are interested in finding out more or making a donation you can contact me personally penny@rockindirect.com

Penny Lane, Whitelion Ambassador x

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